Antique Photo Picture Frame & Mount, 7 x 5 , Beech

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Product Code: Lw with Mount
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Brand: FrameEazy
Supplier: Frame Eazy
Size: 6 x 4 Inch
Product Type: With Mount

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Featuring a simple and effortlessly stylish design, this attractive frame can display photos and pictures in both landscape and portrait orientations. It's perfect for placing in pairs on a mantelpiece in this MDF wooden photo frame with individual apertures for each photograph.

Ideally suited for interiors both antique and contemporary, this delightful picture frame comes with fittings. Frames with removable mounts and can be use for 2 sizes.

Each frame comes with an MDF backing board, Plastic glass / Glass & hooks to hang..

Mount colours available: Black, White, Ivory & Blue

Moulding Dimensions: Width 24mm x  Depth 18mm

Frame Material : MDF Wood

Frame Size WIth Mount : 7" x 5"

Frame SIze Without Mount : 9" x 7"

These Frames are made from high quality MDF and frame dimensions refer to the actual glass or plastic glass size.

Important Note:  All sizes given are photo sizes and not the overall size of the frame. A picture frame is measured internally, the size of the glass and board are the picture size. The viewing window will be slightly smaller than the size given, approx 4mm of your picture will be covered on each side, this is to hold everything in place.